In a home, a garage is used to park cars and store tools, sports gear, holiday decorations, and other infrequently used items. A garage is sometimes a collection spot for all of the odds and ends that do not have an assigned place in your home. An already-cramped garage can become increasingly cluttered without regular cleaning and an organizational strategy. These helpful garage organization tips help you easily and effectively transform a cluttered space into a useable storage area.

Using Garage Organization Tips Strategically

Learning about storage solutions and organization ideas is a great starting point, but each garage will have different challenges. The size of your garage and the items that you need to store will determine how you organize your space. You can alter some of these garage organization tips to make them effective for your unique situation.

Set Aside Time to Follow These Garage Organization Tips

Organizing the entire garage within a day or two requires considerable effort and dedication. Tackling the entire project at once will produce more thorough and timely results than working on the project intermittently over the course of several months. Plan to spend at least a full day or two using these garage organization tips and working through the steps.

Sort Out Unwanted Items

If your garage contains a lot of unwanted items, wait to purchase storage shelves or other organization features. Instead, begin by removing unwanted items to free up space. Systematically go through each item in the garage. Try to touch each item only once and decide at that time if you want to toss it in a waste pile, donate it, or keep it. You may also have a pile of items that are unwanted but valuable that you can sell online or at a garage sale.

Organize Your Piles

When considering your collection of items to keep, create several smaller piles. By grouping items together at this stage, you save time and create a more organized space. For example, pull all lawn and garden items together in one pile. Put sporting goods in another pile. Any organizational features will be installed along the perimeter of your garage, so create piles in the center of the room.

Create an Organizational System

After the clutter is removed from your garage and your remaining items are grouped together, you can easily determine which organizational features are right for your space. Some ideas include a shelving system, a built-in system with drawers and hooks, a pegboard, or storage bins. Consider also using overhead storage space, such as with a pulley-controlled platform.

Regardless of the current state of your garage, it is possible to create an organized, usable area. These garage organization tips will help you to improve the space and keep it in order.

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