Indoor Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle This Season

Winter weather isn’t ideal for many homeowners. Unless you live in a tropical climate, cold weather hinders your home improvement efforts. When there is a chill in the air, it’s the perfect time of year to work on indoor home improvement projects.

Not everything you do to upgrade, update, or improve your home must be done outdoors. These projects can help you change the overall appeal of your home while staying out of the cold.

Add Backsplash

One easy kitchen update that homeowners can make is updating or adding a backsplash. This is a project that doesn’t require any outdoor work. However, you may need to cut some tiles with a wet saw in the garage if you’re uncomfortable using this tool in the kitchen.

Since this aspect of the project only takes a few moments at a time, most of the work will be done in the kitchen. Check out this step-by-step guide of installing backsplash from DIY Network.

Replace the Floors

Replace the carpet, restore old wood floors, lay tile, or use epoxy on concrete floors if you’re looking for impactful indoor home improvement projects this season. Whatever flooring updates you want to make, winter is the best time for the project. Not only do you get to stay inside to work on the floors, but you also get to change the entire aesthetic of your home. Upgraded floors are also a selling point if you are thinking of listing your home in the spring.

Upgrade Your Molding

The small details are often the ones that make the biggest difference. Molding is a prime example of this. Adding crown molding to the ceilings in every room makes your home appear grander and more upscale. Adding upgraded molding to the baseboards makes your home look more luxurious. This is a simple indoor home improvement project that doesn’t take too much time and adds some serious appeal to your home.

Paint Your Walls

If ever there is a time to tackle this tedious project, it’s the winter season. Paint makes a significant difference in any home. While neutral colors often work best in a home, choose the colors you find most appealing for your walls. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room.

When you add new paint to every room, you update the look of your entire home. Just remember to crack open the windows and use ceiling fans while doing this job for ventilation purposes.

Update Old Fixtures

Updating old knobs and pulls on cabinets and old fixtures creates a brand new look at home, making this the ideal indoor home improvement project this season. These things may seem insignificant, but older fixtures, knobs, and pulls can make your home look dated and less appealing.

Choose the right ones to create the style you want in your home. Whether it’s eclectic with a variety of antique knobs and pulls or modern with sleek new items, you can change the overall theme with these small changes.

Winter Weather Home Updates Make A Difference

When spring weather arrives, you’re ready to focus on improving the exterior of your home. From replacing old landscaping features with new ones to updating the exterior paint, you have plenty to do when the warm weather hits.

Why not use the winter to install some new updates, upgrades, and features indoors? Indoor home improvement projects aren’t only for the winter months, but tackling these projects this time of year gives you more time to spend outdoors come spring.

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