Closets are intended to be a convenient and organized way to store your clothes. For most people, the reality is quite different. Many times, there’s no distinction between what gets hung up, put on a shelf, or thrown on the floor and your storage space can feel chaotic. If you’re tired of wearing wrinkled clothes and staring at a disorderly mess, here are some ways to effectively organize your closet.

1. Organize Your Closet with a Better Design

If you’re not happy with the layout of your closet, create a better version. Shelves, extra hanging bars, storage bins, and other additions are relatively affordable and easy to add.

Some standard closets aren’t conducive to organizing your clothing well. Take a moment to think about how you would like to have your closet laid out and plan a way to make that a reality. You’ll feel more motivated to keep a closet you designed organized.

2. Declutter the Space

If you’re still holding on to sweatpants from high school or that raggedy sweater handed down from your older brother, you might need to declutter your closet. It’s much more difficult to organize when you have excess clothing.

While you don’t have to get rid of everything, throw out or give away clothing that you no longer use or need. Take a look through your wardrobe and make two piles: must-haves and things you might not need. Put the must-haves back into your closet, neatly. Continue sorting until you’re left with a number of clothes you can donate or throw away.

3. Have Enough Hangers to Organize Your Closet

Many people don’t have enough hangers for their wardrobe of shirts and jackets. This leads to piles of clothing on the floor. If you want to organize your closet, having enough hangers is a necessary first step. Make a habit of hanging up your shirts immediately after they’re washed to keep your closet organized.

4. Sort Your Clothing

Organizing a closet isn’t about just finding a place for each article of clothing. It also streamlines the process of getting dressed every day. Instead of having to sort through a disorganized pile of clothes, sort your wardrobe by type.

Start by separating your clothing into piles (i.e. socks, pants, shorts, shirts, etc). Then, designate a place in your closet for each type of clothing. This will make it much easier to find what you’re looking for each morning.

5. Stack Bulky Items in Your Closet

Try not to store items on the floor. If you have space, add shelves for organizing. Stacking thicker, bulkier items, like sweaters and jeans, is a good storage solution. Store like items together so articles of clothing will be easier to find. With everything in its place, you’ll be able to locate what you need quickly.

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