If you own a pool or are thinking of installing one, you may find yourself overwhelmed by information about how to properly care for and maintain it. Although there is a lot of useful information about pool maintenance out there, you should be aware of a few common myths that exist about how to maintain a safe and healthy pool.

False Myth #1: If You Have a Saltwater Pool You Don’t Have to Worry About Pool Maintenance

Some pool owners falsely believe that if they switch over to a saltwater pool they won’t ever have to worry about pool maintenance again. People have the belief that saltwater does not require shocking or adding other chemicals to their pool.

Although chlorine is generated by salt chlorine filters in a saltwater pool, you still must shock your saltwater pool regularly, balance the water’s pH, and ensure that the calcium levels aren’t too high to prevent hard water.

False Myth #2: The Easiest Way to Destroy Algae is by Emptying Your Pool

Algae growth can be alarming to even the most seasoned pool owner. The best option may seem to be totally draining your pool, thereby destroying the algae in the water, and then re-filling it. As tempting a solution as this may seem, it is not the best way to be algae-free.

Emptying and refilling too often can cause stress on your pool’s structure and gradually cause damage that requires more pool maintenance. Once your pool is empty of algae-infested water, you would still have to vacuum, scrub, and remove any leftover algae spores.

The best way to get rid of algae is to treat the problem when the pool is filled with water. You can add algae-killing chemicals to the water and also scrub and vacuum a full pool.

False Myth #3: It Doesn’t Matter When You Treat Your Pool With Chemicals, as Long as You Do It

You may believe you can add chemicals to your pool or shock it at any time of day without reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. This is not the case. If you treat your pool during the day the harsh UV rays of the sun reduce the effectiveness of some of the chemicals. Chlorine is especially susceptible to UV degradation. Treat your pool when the sun goes down to get the full effectiveness of your chemicals.

Be a Successful Pool Owner

Whether you already have a pool or you are thinking of installing one, make sure you have the correct information about maintaining your pool in order to avoid unneeded work or problems with your swimming pool maintenance.

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