Water is a resource that is often wasted. Although the greatest percentage of water is used for agriculture, the average family of four uses up to 100 gallons every day. If you are interested in green living or just want to save some money, check out these ways to save water at home.

1. Save Water at Home by Turning Off Faucets

One of the biggest water wasters in the home is the easiest to fix. Turn off the faucets. Don’t run water needlessly while brushing your teeth, shaving, etc. Over two gallons of water run through most faucets per minute. This adds up to significant water loss even for small families. Large families will save hundreds of gallons each month. Make sure to fix all faucet leaks. Even a slow drip can waste up to 20 gallons a day.

2. Save Water Washing Dishes

If you don’t have a dishwasher, make use of your kitchen dual sinks. Instead of running water to rinse dishes, fill one side with hot soapy water and the other with warm, clear water. Wash dishes in one sink and dip to rinse.

If you have a dishwasher, it actually saves water to run a full load of dishes instead of washing your dishes by hand. Scraping dishes instead of rinsing before loading them in the dishwasher is another good way to save water at home.

3. Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

The majority of water used in the home comes from the bathroom. According to the EPA, the toilet alone accounts for around 30 percent of indoor water use. There are several low-flow toilet options available to replace older toilets that use much less water for flushing. Inexpensive float boosters for the tank will also save water. Make sure your toilet isn’t leaking. It’s estimated that a leaky toilet can waste as much as 200 gallons a day.

Save water at home by making sure everyone takes shorter showers. Set a timer if needed and shower for five minutes or less. This will save a family of four about 40 gallons a day. Replacing the shower head with a low-flow one will save even more water.

4. Laundry Water Saving Tips

Laundry accounts for about 20 percent of residential water use. If you don’t have a new high-efficiency washer yet, make sure you buy one the next time you replace your washing machine. They use 40 percent less water than older models. Also, keep in mind that front-loaders use less water than top-loading machines.

5. Saving Water Outdoors

If you have a swimming pool, make sure you use a cover. A cover reduces evaporation and retains a heated pool’s temperature. For garden and lawn watering, make use of new technology. Weather-based irrigation controllers are now available that provide water only when needed. At the least, switch mist-style sprinkler heads with newer, more efficient rotator sprinkler heads.

Use repurposed water for watering outdoor plants. Catch water waiting for the shower to heat up. Catch water under a colander when rinsing vegetables. Catch rainwater in a rain barrel and use it to water your garden. Never wash your car at home. Using a drive-through car wash is more efficient and will help you save water at home.

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