There are a number of areas you should think about when doing some general cleaning and your garage door is one of them. You may think this task is simple, but that is not the case. There are some things you should not do when washing your garage door. The following are five things you should avoid when you do this task.

1. No Pressure Washing Your Garage Door

One thing you want to avoid is using a pressure washer. Yes, using this device makes washing your garage door easier, but it may lead to issues. For one, most garage doors are not built to withstand this kind of power. This means you might see dents or chipped paint after you are done. Secondly, pressure washers can be expensive; so choose the gentler and cheaper route, which is hand-washing.

2. Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals

It is tempting to use harsh chemicals when stains are hard to remove. Do not do this because these types of chemicals can damage the finish on the garage door, and you do not want that. Stick to the cleaners recommended by your garage door manual, or use a few drops of dishwashing soap in water to clean. The rest is going to be up to your scrubbing power. If you need to use a new cleaner, just test it out in one small area of your door first.

3. Don’t Overlook the Rinse

Rinsing is an important step. Sure, you can do it by running your hose over the garage door, but it may be wise to be a little more detailed. Grab a clean sponge, and dip it in water to remove any soap scum that might have gotten trapped inside the crevices of the garage door. Scum can degrade your garage door prematurely, which would be a shame since garage doors are meant to last for some time.

4. Leave Those Tracks Alone

You are probably going to clean the garage door tracks while washing your garage door this spring. This is okay, especially since tracks can get dirty. You will likely find built-up grease, leaves, and other forms of debris. Remove all build-up to help restore full functionality to your garage door, but you do not want to grease the track. It may be tempting, but this will attract more debris. What you can grease are the door’s springs and metal rollers as long as you only apply a thin layer of grease.

5. Don’t Ignore Problems

A good thing about washing your garage door is that you are going to get close enough to spot issues. You can see the inner-workings of the device and the surface of the door. This means you can inspect everything a little more. You can see its overall condition and how it is functioning. Take note of any problems. This will help you see if there is something that needs to be addressed by a professional when you are done with the spring cleaning. Of course, a home inspector can help clarify any possible issues.

These are just some things you should not do or forget to do as you clean your garage door. There are other things you shouldn’t do as you clean, like knocking a sensor out of alignment, which happens often if you aren’t gentle when cleaning around sensors. Talk to your garage door specialist to get other suggestions.

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