Relaxing and enjoying family time around the pool is something to look forward to in the warmer months. Encourage your family and friends to be safe when using the pool. The following are a few swimming pool safety tips to keep in mind this summer.

Basic Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pool safety tips should be practiced by everyone, not just the kids. Accidents happen because of carelessness around the water. Post a list of rules by the pool to serve as a reminder for everyone to be cautious and aware when using the pool.

Be Attentive

Many pool accidents can be avoided if adults are attentive. There is no lifeguard at a home pool, so assign someone to be on pool duty. Always know who is in the pool and discourage children and adults from using the pool alone.

Take Swimming Lessons

Everyone who uses the pool can learn to be a strong swimmer. Enroll your kids in swimming lessons. There are even classes for very young children. Keep floatation devices available for use in the pool.

Install a Locking Gate

There will be times when no one is available to supervise the pool. When this is the case, close barriers to block access to the water. Install a locking gate on the fence surrounding the area and keep a cover on the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Drains

Pay attention to the areas of the pool that are the most dangerous. One of the most important swimming pool safety tips to remember is how dangerous drains can be.

The suction of the drain is strong, especially for younger, smaller people. Instruct your children on drain safety and teach them to stay away. Invest in a drain cover to prevent injury caused by the pool drain.

Learn CPR

You can promote pool safety, but that doesn’t guarantee that an accident won’t happen. Make it a priority to learn CPR if you have a pool at home. Classes are offered in many locations throughout the country, often through the Red Cross.

Have every adult in your home enroll in CPR and first aid classes. Encourage your children to do the same once they are old enough. CPR and First Aid training make you an asset not only in your home but also in other emergency situations.

These are just some of the swimming pool safety tips to keep in mind. Having your swimming pool inspected by a professional will help you keep it as safe as possible.

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